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When Can I Start
Firstly ...
  • To begin driving you must be a minimum age of 17 and be in possession of a signed provisional driving licence - this can be obtained up to 3 months before your 17th birthday by completing a D1 form which is available from the Post Office or by applying online at the Directgov website
  • You must be able to read an old-style vehicle number plate from 20.5 metres away or 20 metres away for a new style vehicle number plate

Then ...

  • Whilst learning to drive you will keep a Driver's Record - this will evidence that you have picked up key skills to enable you to drive consistently
  • Once proficient you can apply to take the Theory test - this consists of a multi-choice question section and a Hazard Perception section - both sections must be passed to obtain a Pass Certificate
  • When you have obtained your Pass certificate you can apply to take the Practical Test - both tests can be booked on line at the Directgov website:
    Follow this link for Theory and this link for Practical
  • When you pass, you might want to consider going on to Pass Plus a course which will build on the skills you have learned with no test at the end!
You can find out more about the theory and practical tests by visiting the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s YouTube channel and watching ‘Are you ready?: a guide for learners’.