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Help Passing my Test - A few Top Tips

Practice your theory straight away, the sooner you can pass your theory test the better - you can then focus on passing your driving test.
Try to book your theory test and pass it as quickly as you can. You can book it for any day, on or after your birthday. It is a milestone to passing your driving test and one less thing to worry about.
Set a target date with me to pass your driving test by (e.g. Xmas, before University, holidays etc.) Take regular lessons and make a commitment to yourself. It improves your chances of passing first time.
Avoid taking weekly one-hour lessons. A week later you will have forgotten most of what you have already learned. It takes 20 minutes to get back into driving, 10 minutes to try something new and the last 20 minutes to drive back home!
Your driving instructor should make you feel comfortable and releaxed so let me know how you feel. If you are feeling nervous, not confident, and not sure of what I am asking, tell me! It is my job to describe and demostrate how to drive so that you can understand and learn at your own pace. Learning should be fun!
If you would like to meet me before booking your first driving session then please contact me. I will be more than happy to see you - with your parents if necessary.