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Stress to Success in 3 Easy Steps!
Extracts from a presentation by Kate Trafford Imagine being able to activate three key "switches" that will flick you between your "fight or flight" stress response and the "relaxation response". What a benefit it would be to condition yourself to switch easily between these two modes, paving the way for feeling calm and positive in a wide range of situations - including driving lessons / tests. And how delighted will you be when you discover that you can also use these skills to recover quickly when things don't go according to plan?!

Step 1: Breathing

  • Lengthen your exhale
  • 1:2 (or greater) ratio of inhale:exhale
  • Attention to air in nostrils to relax diaphragm

Step 2: Peripheral Vision

  • Focus on a spot / flickering flame / favourite image / symbol
  • Expand awareness out - seeing out of corners of eyes
  • Allow eyes to close
  • Visualise the "tangerine", 6-12 inches from back of head

Step 3: Auditory Cue - "I am ..."

  • Ideally begin speaking aloud, then allow to go "internal"
  • Speak slowly, allowing the "mmmmm" to resonate
  • Affirmation sequence ("I am relaxing", "I am peaceful", "I am safe", "I am aware", "I am ready for my test" etc.
  • Reduce to "I am"
  • Reduce to "I"
  • Release auditory cue and experience the silent Observer behind the "I"

Consistency is the key to benefiting fully from this process. Just 5 minutes a day of practice can have profound beneficial effects. If you can practice more frequently even better. And extended sessions of around 20 minutes are a blissful experience of going even more deeply ... into being ... all of who you are!