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Crib Sheet for Parents
Safety Routine

The routine "we" used was "Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre". This routine has evolved into Mirrors Signal Position Speed Look.

Mirrors - always in pairs before changing direction, overtaking, slowing down/speeding up or signalling.

Signal - by indicators and/or position of car before turning into a new road, moving off or stopping, leaving a roundabout, changing lanes or overtaking.

Position - normal driving position, parking, turning left or right and meeting traffic.

Speed - appropriate speed and gear to match.

Look - Look, Assess, Decide Act.

Block Changing

Nowadays it is acceptable to stop in any gear and to block change. For example, changing from 4th to 2nd or 3rd to 5th. It is considered beneficial because it saves wear and tear on the clutch and gear box and keeps both hands on the steering wheel - so is better for control and means the driver can concentrate more.


Moving off and stopping - only if necessary and somebody will benefit.

Passing Parked Vehicles - it is rarely necessary to indicate when passing parked vehicles - normally early positioning of the car and a steady course indicates to others your intentions. Indicating too often may confuse other road users. Indicate if stopped too far on the left in a parking position; stopped a long time when other road users may be unsure of what you want to do or passing a very wide vehicle will mean being completely on the wrong side of the road.


1 minor for pulling forward then reversing again to correct a fault.

Speed - "old man's walk" - clutch control

Observations - 360 degree - 6 point check before starting and every car length looking over left shoulder whilst reversing and stopping in reverse.


Parallel Parking - a tyre's width from the kerb and within 2 car lengths

Bay Parking Reverse - all wheels within the lines - done in Test Centre

Bay Parking Forward - all wheels within lines then reverse out to left or right NOT in Test Centre and not necessarily between cars

Pull Up on Right - pull over and park on the right, then reverse 2 car lengths and merge back into traffic

Emergency Stop - promptly; no mirrors or skidding - all round 360 degree - 6 point observations before moving off

Test Day

Maximum 15 minors - no serious or dangerous!

Test Report Sheets, Show Me Tell Me and other free downloads available from

Need to take - photo driving licence and additional mirror for Examiner if in own car.

Test information and videos available at and YouTube

Pass Plus from only 80.00

Total normal cost 150.00, of which upon completion I can claim 70.00 from Staffordshire County Council. Minimum 6 hours additional training normally including motorways. Upon receipt of certificate, may qualify for a discount on motor insurance. Details of the 6 modules, participating insurance companies and discounts given by other Councils are available at